vegetarian by accident

20130722-090747.jpgI will always see Betty (not her real name) as being responsible for my vegetarianism. I never made the conscious decision to stop eating animals…it was Betty’s fault (not her real name). I had gone to get my hair cut- we were visiting about world peace and cancer, like you do with your hair stylist, and she mentioned a mutual friend whose cancer was in remission. Apparently this friend had bypassed the accepted practice of chemo and radiation, and had gone to an alternative health center for treatment. The regimen included exercise, spiritual practice, stress management skills and a vegan lifestyle. She was raving about the food this friend now ate, mentioning the vegan “butter”. I asked for more information, and she sent me off with the direction to google ‘vegan butter’. Betty (not her…never mind) said there were dozens of recipes online and i would have no problem finding one.

There were DOZENS of recipes, but the first site I landed on when googling “vegan butter” was a site for animal rights, go figure… The picture of thousands of chickens in blocks of cages was horrific…I hit the “back” button immediately, but the image was already there…in my mind. I went back to the site and read…and read…i even watched a youtube video on slaughter practices…makes me sick to my stomach even at this moment- 2 years later.

20130722-090814.jpgthat was it. I was done eating meat. Not that millions of people don’t still eat meat every day…they do. Not that my silent protest keeps even one chicken, cow or turkey alive…it doesn’t…i just can’t do it…

never did make that vegan butter…thanks alot Betty.

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