Kitty remix

photo(2)When I moved, I brought a big collage I had done many years ago. It is of my kitty at the time, Catrick (I know, cute, huh? :)) sleeping in the sun in an old wicker rocker I have. It was a monster of a project- made the whole thing out of torn paper- the rocker was grocery sack paper that I fashioned into the intricacy of the rocker. I used kids’ construction paper to make the pillows, newspaper for the floor, and some watercolor paper for the spindles and background- very low budget project, but turned out pretty dang cool.

I have always liked it, maybe because it reminded me of simpler times, of the importance of sleeping in the sun sometimes, or maybe just because it was a big project with found materials and it turned out. Its been years since I made it, and the newspaper has yellowed, the construction paper pillows faded to dull ugly greys, and Catrick crossed the rainbow bridge some time ago. I got it out of the frame last year, took it apart and contemplated it for…oh…9 months or so…and couldn’t figure out how to change it, update it, make it different. I just looked at it over there in the corner, all torn apart- gutted, so to speak- and had no answers.

When I got to this new abode, the walls were turquoise and browns, with great light- and I knew it needed to be hung here. Last week, in a crazy surge of spring fever creativity, I redid it…with new pillows and with Grisham as the sleeper 🙂 and updated the floor as well.

Can I just take a moment to say that my gray tabby cat isn’t gray at all!? I bought every shade of gray paper that Hobby Lobby possessed, only to get them home and find that not one of them matched this cat! He isn’t gray…he is actually this buff sort of tan, with dark brown, black and gray hairs over the top, arranged in tiger stripes with white patches artfully placed hither and yon.

As I put the finishing touches on Grisham’s likeness and placed him on the pillow, I was stunned at how much my life has changed since the first time I put that piece together, how much I have learned, about myself and my path, and about the necessity of sleeping in the sunshine sometimes…

with all the bells and whistles…

photoTwenty years ago, we put new carpet in the house we were living in, on a horse ranch 23 miles from the nearest grocery store.  The occasion called for a vacuum, something I had never owned.  I picked a bright red Dirt Devil from the pawn shop- which was in a town 37 miles in the other direction.  It cost $39.  The Dirt Devil was fancy and felt new to me, even tho’ it was pre-owned.  I used it up until a few years ago, when Dean brought home a Kirby – turns out someone who he had done work for, owed him money.  And they didn’t have any- so they gave him their Kirby vacuum.  It came with a billion attachments- even one for spraying insects, I believe.  I never really learned to use any of them, but it did vacuum quite well.

The Dirt Devil moved on to the girls.  I know that Tasha had it for awhile, and then Michaela had it in her townhouse.  It has acquired a few bumps and bruises along the way, including places where its fabric bag have been burned thru when someone tried to vacuum up ashes with it.

When I moved last summer, I left the Kirby behind (do you have any idea how much one of those things weighs!!?), and found myself in need of a vacuum.  Lo and behold, the Dirt Devil returned to me.

Grisham hates the Dirt Devil.  He will run so fast when he sees me wheel it out, his back feet hit him in the face as he whirls for a safe place under the bed.  And 20 years later, the Dirt Devil still can vacuum- still makes noise, the bag still inflates, the turney-brush thing on the bottom still goes around.  But it doesn’t do cat hair…and Grisham, being a cat, has lots of cat hair.  He has favorite places where the cat hair collects, like on the cushion above my head when I sit in my chair.

So today I went shopping for a new vacuum.  I have never owned a new vacuum. Found a wonderful Hoover, with special attachments especially for pet hair.  I vacuumed the floors in my new house, and I was – still am- horrified at the amount of dirt it picked up…how could that be?  The Dirt Devil didn’t find that much dirt.  I am not really a clean freak, but it bothers me to think there was that much dirt on the floor.

As I tapped the Hoover’s magic lever for the automatic cord rewinder, I ventured a look over at the Dirt Devil, alone in the corner.  I rolled the Hoover to a spot in the extra bedroom, where it would live now.  And I felt a bit like I had brought Buzz Lightyear home, with his fancy buttons and lights, and his claim that he could fly.

It’s called being innovative

So just had to show you, now that I am here and have a moment. These are pictures before I got my stuff moved…so just imagine that there are about a hundred boxes and bags in each picture, stacked hither and yon and that’s where I am.

I have to thank Tasha, my amazing co-mover, my partner in crime 🙂 I found out on Friday that I could get movers for furniture on Saturday (yes, the next day!!), so Tasha and I were like squirrels getting ready for winter….packing boxes, moving all the furniture out into the dining room, taking things apart. I moved from a 2nd floor apt to a house and I elected to have the movers do just the furniture. So this meant there were all of these boxes that one had to carry out the door of the apartment, down a long hallway, to the elevator, out of the elevator, out 2 sets of doors, down a long sidewalk and pack into my car…or a crazy person might just think that you could park outside the apartment building, in front of your balcony and…well, drop, pitch or otherwise lower said items to the ground, avoiding much of the hauling and carrying of said items…and it worked quite well, I must say.

Off to clean the apartment, enjoy your day!





I hear that whistle blowin…








As we have wandered thru little towns in Colorado, Wyoming and now Nebraska, I am missing home. Its time to go home.

The cliff dwellings were pretty cool. I loved the steady artisan style of the sleeping places, the places to grind corn, storage bins, and circular towers and kivas…beautiful thoughtful work, all for a purpose.

I shopped galleries, and little shops til I was exhausted. Brought home some treasure and some gifts.

And then we wandered north, towards home, staying away from the interstate, wanting to see little towns.

Last nite we stayed in Scottsbluff, in a tiny campground 5 miles out. It was cheap for a campsite, but after we got the tent up, and the bug candles lit, we discovered why.

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