run, run, run

photo(10)Thirty eight degrees!? Seriously?! …let me back up a bit…

As I told you, I have been doing the Couch to 5K workout.  And feeling ‘athletic’ and…admittedly smug.  I liked to drop into conversations, “I ran this morning.”, with nonchalance.

So when I visited my chiropractor a few weeks ago, the wonderful receptionist (her official title is “director of first impressions”…for real! It says it on her badge!), Brooke, handed me a flyer that said Health Adjustment 5K.  It was advertising a 5K that was sponsored by the local chiropractic clinics. Well, I have the best chiropractor on the planet…and of course, I ‘run’ now. It seemed a perfect opportunity!  I sent Tasha the information and asked her if she wanted to do it. She was enthusiastic, so we both registered.

Now can we mention that this 5K was outdoors? In my being new to this ‘running’, it vaguely occurred to me, that running outdoors was going to be a bit different from running indoors.  That running on a treadmill or elliptical would be different than running outdoors…but really, I thought, “how different can it be?”

OK, so back to where you came in… Yes, 38 degrees…on the morning of my first 5K. I almost went back to bed…but Tasha wouldn’t let me. So we got up, put on our Keep Calm and Chive On shirts, covered them with layers of other shirts, put on hoodies, and headed out.  I got my hat too.

There were quite alot of people there when we got there…all sitting in their cars, waiting for the race to begin. We went to the Envive registration place, got our packets, with oh-so-many goodies! 2 different Tshirts, an energy bar, BioFreeze, instructions and the all important number. I was “354”.  And then we waited in the car…I was nervous…it was freezing out, and Tasha wasn’t going to let me quit and go home, if I got cold or tired. I hoped I would be done by noon (the race began at 9am)…I should also probably mention that I had no idea how far 5K was.

The man in charge lined us up at the starting line- “serious runners in front, joggers in the middle, and walkers in the back”. And away we went…and I ran…for awhile. And then I walked…Tasha was way ahead of me. My goal was to keep her in my line of sight for the race. So when she got far away, I ran, when I got tired, I walked.  I wondered how far we would have to go. The course had a loop at the end and then you were supposed to turn around and come back the same way. I passed some people here and there.  And then I saw the first person coming back…awesome! It couldn’t be that much farther then, to the turn around place…it was.

Down a hill, thru another park, under a bridge, past another park, thru some trees, past another park, under another bridge and FINALLY, I could see the lovely Sanford ladies waiting to give us water at the turn around. I wanted to conjure up the speed to grab the water as I sprinted by, crush the cup and throw it aside…but I walked by, said ‘thank you’, drank it as I went around and calmly put the empty cup on their table as I went back by.

By the last part of the race, I was only jogging the downhill stretches…but as the finish came up, I summoned some energy for a run across the line. I have to say, I wasn’t feeling very “athletic” anymore… But now it is totally authentic to say, “I ran this morning.”

hearing voices…

Image“you’re halfway…”, she says.  And I gasp for breath, but keep on going. I have someone new in my life. Before all kinds of strange pictures begin filling your head, let me share. 

A few months ago, Tasha, one of my daughters, said she was doing “C25K”…otherwise known as Couch to 5K. (This is an app you can download on your phone and a lovely female voice will talk you thru workouts for 8 weeks. They begin with minimal running and increase gradually until you are running the equivalent of a 5K at the end.)  And even tho’ I was applauding her for the decision, smiling, clapping my hands and saying, “wow! That’s awesome!” with my mouth, I was scoffing in my head…

“that’s ridiculous! No one can go from not running to running a 5K in 2 months! And really…who would want to!?  You don’t RUN. You are 52, and have gotten along just fine your whole life not running…not gonna start now!”

My daughter completed the 8 weeks in fine form, and made plans to attend a 5K event. I was stunned… “omg…really? You can go from a non-runner to a runner?? Just like that?!”

I was not a believer…but she lost so much weight doing it, and was energized, it seemed. She would post her little daily updates to Facebook- “Tasha just completed Week 5; Day 3 of the C25K…Running for a Cure.” And she looked amazing!

My internal voice was still scoffing when I downloaded the app.

“you can’t do this!! You have never been a RUNner!! You don’t RUN…not with scissors or any other way…let’s keep it that way!! We are happy with the status quo! Don’t upset things with this ridiculous notion to RUN!”

When I looked at the app for the first time, I was overwhelmed and mortified. In fact, I didn’t even listen to the first day, just scrolled thru it, and promptly hid it in the Entertainment cache of my phone… months ago.

But then I joined the fitness center- a good decision, but a story for another time! And there was that app still on my phone, and there was Tasha looking more fit all the time.  And I had the perfect place to try this…

“and fail!”, said my internal voice. “Just go ahead then! RUN! Try it, and find out you cannot keep up! RUN and get it out of your system, so we can get back to what we normally do at the fitness center…walk on the tread mill, and lift some weights for a few weeks…I have to keep reminding you, you don’t RUN!!”

The first day was not bad…pretty easy, in fact.  The second day was OK too.  By week 2, I felt like I knew what I was doing…I had a plan! In week 3, I was stunned that the workout went by so fast, and experienced my first ‘high’ from running.  Ran all the way through the lovely female voice saying “begin your cool down now” and beyond…it was glorious!  I felt powerful, and strong, and even, dare I say…athletic! (I have never felt athletic a day in my life!)

Over the weekend, while doing some pretty stressful paperwork, all I could think about was leaving the house and working out… this has never happened to me before… And I did go do my workout,  actually repeated one from the previous week, but ran longer and farther than I had before. Amazing feeling!

Today was Week 4, Day 1…and it kicked my butt! But I kept going and at the end, I felt like I had accomplished something!  I have learned to drown my internal voice with water during the workout…and besides, I have my headphones in my ears…and all I can hear from time to time is “RUN…RUN…RUN!”

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