I have a new book to read.  Its by Mary Pipher- she is the therapist who wrote Reviving Ophelia, and I loved her straightforward frank manner regarding what she really thinks about how we, as a society, raise girls.  So when I found this book- to new therapists- at the local library, I was excited to get home and check it out.

I came in the apartment, dropped my stuff and headed for my favorite chair to curl up with this new book…aahhnnn….trouble focusing…retrieved my reading glasses (yes, my perfect vision has failed me- I don’t want to talk about it) from the bedroom and sat down once more…seemed to be having difficulty getting started, couldn’t see the book- rearranged myself in the chair…moved again and realized that my focus was being interrupted by a 20 pound cat named Grisham who kept putting himself in my line of sight.  I moved the offending cat to the side of me, offering him the other half of the chair.  This was totally insufficient…he needed to be on my lap, “ok, be on my lap…but can you sit down on my lap?”…he couldn’t.  So I moved my book to the side and began to read with him standing on my lap, and the book propped on the arm of the chair.  Immediately there was a wall of cat hair in my mouth as he jumped to occupy the spot on the arm of the chair between me and the book.  He didn’t need my lap, he needed my attention…

who needs yours?

And yes, this has been written while looking between the four legs of my feline, who likes to sit on my chest…or my keyboard.

charge it, buy it, have it, wear it, use it, store it, charge it, buy it……

so when i made this decision to have a yard sale…a month ago, it was a sane decision.  I knew i had a storage garage full of things and I couldn’t keep it all in storage indefinitely.  Much of it isn’t mine, storing it for my daughter, but when she said, “yes, let’s sell it!”, i was off and running.  I trundled back and forth to the house with box after box of stuff, sorting, tossing, bundling, labeling and pricing.

And then I started on my own things.  I thought i really didn’t have much to sell, but as I looked at my house, I realized there was an excess of STUFF around here.  My bookcase was packed with books that I didn’t read anymore, i had movies that i didn’t watch, appliances I didn’t use, clothes i didn’t wear, furniture that was taking up space, for example- a huge TV that was sitting on the floor in the library- just sitting…not plugged in…oh, yeah, i needed that there.

when i put the first book in the “yard sale box”, i winced… I love books.  Several years ago, when our budget was being reviewed by a credit counseling woman, she was clueless as to why we didn’t have more available cash, until she found my Amazon and Borders purchases…just kept shaking her head and saying “well, this money has to be going somewhere…” Parting with books is a bit painful for me.  But by the time the first boxful was gone from the shelves, I was flinging with abandon! It felt soooooo good!!!  Some of these books were from a different time, when I believed different things…i wanted them gone!  Later, as I was dusting my empty shelves in the library, I marveled at how much cleaner I felt- I felt less dusty and cluttered internally!

as a counselor, i help countless people make some internal changes to see external change, but here was an external change that brought about an internal change…decluttering! What a fabulous idea…in this age where we always think we need more, more, more…charge it, have it, buy it, wear it, store it, charge it, have it, buy it, use it, store it… WE DON’T NEED MORE!

Designate one small area of your house, your space to declutter…doesn’t have to be massive, you don’t have to live in a yurt, and eat only rice and beans…just pick one place to simplify, to let breathe…

i think you will be surprised at the difference it will make in your spirit.

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