wise woman in a storm…

As my hands automatically tore old bread into pieces for the birds, I remembered my mother’s hands going through these motions hundreds, thousands of times.

“for the birds” was an unwritten edict in our house. Any stale bread, crackers, old popcorn was always shoveled into an aluminum pan for the birds, to be sprinkled in the yard or put into one of several bird feeders available.

My mom is like that. She will always use what she has, for others that have less. This might be magazines and catalogs for a neighbor, a coat for a friend, paying someone’s electric bill, spending time with an older person, and bread for the birds. Whatever she has, if you need it, you will not leave her house without it…she will press it into your hands and refuse to take it back.

Never fails to amaze me how I see parts of her in my children…how Nina carries an entire over-the-counter pharmacy in her bag-which must be within her reach at all times, so does my mom and will hand you 3 varieties of cold drugs, depending on your maladies. How Tasha can read anything and remember the finer points months later, as they pertain to your question to her…so does my mom, and she will tell you that she thought of you when she read that particular article…heck, she will probably send it to you, with underlining on the pertinent parts. How Michaela’s hand gestures, posture, and ways of expressing herself mirror my mother’s mannerisms, down to a specific glance that she gives me when she thinks I am full of it…

I shake my head at her positive outlook, even when things aren’t positively looking up…but lest you get me wrong, she isn’t a saint. She can cuss a blue streak or write a scathing nasty letter when she is fed up with something, and will not trust someone twice, if they disappoint her. A wise woman in a storm…one to batten down the hatches, and listen to a little AC/DC or Nine Inch Nails while the rain pounds on the windows, petting Sam, her feline companion (she rescued him from his stray lifestyle).

Colorful, genuine, brilliant and selfless…that’s Judy.

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