Movies that inspire me

I have found that certain movies, even just fun ones…sometimes inspire me to ‘make’.  They stir something exciting and fun, something that begs me to ‘play dress up’ and create with abandon.

When i was young, and watched Peggy Fleming skate on TV, and she glided over the ice in beautiful sparkly outfits, I was SURE i could ice skate! Certain that just given the opportunity, and a pair of skates, that Peggy and I would be skating side by side.

These movies awaken that kind of belief in me.

National Treasure

What intrigues me:

  • the mystery of the Masons
  • the hidden clues
  • how it all fits together
  • the treasure
  • well, and Nicholas Cage…do love Nicholas Cage.


Ever After

What intrigues me:

  • the fairy tale
  • DaVinci and his creations
  • Danielle’s costume for the ball
  • the ‘glass slipper’



Never Was

What intrigues me:

  • the files
  • the sketchbook
  • the mental health/artistic creation connection
  • the creation in the forest
  • the inner story


What intrigues me:

  • old letters…love old correspondence
  • the parallel of the two love stories
  • finding things that have been hidden for years

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