time flies…


starry night startI have started painting again…i haven’t painted since high school really. I really enjoyed painting in high school, but then I got to college. And I majored in art, beCAUSE i liked painting- i liked the paint, the colors, the way I could get so engrossed that i lost time…however our college painting instructor promoted stepping out one’s comfort zone and painting in an abstract manner, which didn’t make sense to me. And I wasn’t assertive or sure enough of myself at that point in time to stand up for my own ideas.

I had a sculpture class that first semester too. It was fun, i liked the teacher, and i felt strong- learning to weld, and bronze cast.So I abandoned painting and became a sculptor for the remainder of my college art career.

Then clay took over and that has been my focus for the past nearly 30 years (my gosh, has it been that long…??)- with small detours into paper-nina's stormmaking, collage, watercolor, sewing…a rather large investment into fiber, spinning and knitting– but clay captured me. It was the fire, the glaze surprises, the accidental nature, the feel of clay, the predictable flow of throwing. There was always something new to learn, to investigate, to try. This is what has kept me coming back to it, over and over.

This winter I decided to paint one little tiny painting for one of the girls for Christmas. She loves sunrises, and every morning sends me a snapchat of a sunrise on her way to work– so I thought it would be fitting to paint one of those sunrises for her. So i did. I had a blast! So then I did another one…and another…  I decided to try my hand at my own version of Starry Night.  I was on a bit of a Van Gogh kick for a bit, doing studies of a few of his lesser known paintings. And now I am doing something of my own. I’m more adventurous than I used to be- I use my fingers, rags, rubber stamps…and a paintbrush now and then. I still have a comfort zone, but its a much different place than it was 30 years ago…

and you know …i still like the colors, and the paint, and the way I lose time…

mulberry treestarry night done


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