a note from the road…

open-roadI feel like I have been away on a trip…haven’t written a blog since last October! Geez…what’s up with that? Well, as you might have guessed, something has changed….AGAIN… life is always changing, isn’t it?

Just when I had come into a peace with my life, when I had made the changes that were needed, when I let go of soooo many things– a job, a marriage, anything material that wouldn’t fit in my little U-Haul, friends in the Hills, a house that I helped build with my own hands…just when I had taken a deep breath, and said, ‘yes… this is enough.’

That is when a new person came into my life.  I have a co-worker that says ‘we let go of things to make room for better things’. Maybe so…

He (yes, a ‘he’) fits me…I can’t put it any other way… we match…and we share time in a way that I don’t think I ever have…every day is an adventure…I am happy…life is good.

So in a way, I am still away…

I will write at the next rest stop!

Take care and wear your seatbelts!!

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