I like the pink ones…

What EVER made me think that buying raw frozen shrimp would be a good idea?  I will tell you what…i was motoring thru the grocery store, and there was a former student of mine, Shelby, with her cart piled high and in it were a couple packages of raw frozen shrimp.  I have never bought the raw ones.  But I thought, “what does she know, that I don’t know?”  I think of myself as a pretty good cook.  I like to cook, like to try new recipes, like to figure out new ways to make veggies.  And yet I always bought the little pink ones, the ones that were cooked and ready to throw into scampi.

“Well, I should just try those.”  I thought to myself. “I can do raw shrimp, they must be better, or she would have bought the little pink ones that I buy.” I felt smug as I shoveled 2 packages into my cart.

When it came time to cook them, I defrosted them in my colander, like I usually do with the pink ones.  They were each covered with a little jacket of ice, and as they thawed it became evident that they had their little feet on them yet. Awesome. I painstakingly peeled the soft shell-like material off of each one, and pinched their little feet off. Excellent. Could this get any better?

I thought I was ready to cook them, but then I noticed a dark line running down the back of each one. I googled it and Google told me that i needed to ‘devein’ each one…that the vein was actually their digestive tract, and if I was careful, I could pull the whole vein out in one piece.  Wow. The fun never stops.

After deveining them all, I put them in my saute pan, added some butter, and garlic.  They turned pink in no time, just like the ones I usually buy.  They were a big hit at supper, Journi loved them.  Personally, I couldn’t bring myself to eat them…just kept picturing their little crawly feet…the pink ones don’t have feet…i like the pink ones.


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  1. jennifer
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 21:14:10

    Ya, in our family we call that the “poop track”. And I wouldn’t eat shrimp for quite awhile after my grandma died because I just knew it was out if she cleaned it. You never know who you can trust.


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