never satisfied…

“I have a masters degree, certainly i can figure this out!” If you have been around my house in the past month or so, you have heard me muttering this, or something similar…its usually low and under my breath, as I wrestle with knitting needles. Yes, you heard me right, knitting needles.  It started with the spinning.  I do love to spin, but the yarn is piling up.  I put some of it on my etsy site, but no one wants to buy yarn from a potter, i think.

i mastered the “Knifty Knitter” a few years ago, which is this funky loom that you can make hats and scarves on.  I really love the Knifty Knitter…its easy and fun and i can make something in an evening…and for just $9.98, you too can be a Knifty Knitter- oops, never mind, felt like a commercial for a second.  The Knifty Knitter has its place, but really? How many hats and scarves can you use, or give away?  I really wanted to make socks- and reasoned that they would be similar to making hats, just with a toe and heel.  So I searched high and low for a “sock loom”- found a couple and finally ordered one.

The sock loom was no good. I was so excited, bought some special sock yarn- thought i should start with some yarn FOR socks first… a bit let down…its kinda hard to do- the pegs are small, and the yarn is fine, and well, it was going to take me forever to make a pair of socks…i had visions of socks just flying out of this little loom…i would be giving socks away, there would be so many…not the story at all…those “get socks quick” schemes never work…i should have known.

So i was back to – “i have ALL this yarn!! what am i going to do with it?” except now, we had added “and I really want to knit my own socks”.  The unspoken words in this sentence are, “and I want it to be fun, quick and easy, and i want to use all my handspun yarn.”

And then I met Judy…

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  1. Monica
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 19:06:42

    When you knit, the being done is the sadness. It is the knitting that is the pleasure. The rhythmic motion, the feel of the yarn, the weight of the project, the routine of the pattern, the best part of knitting is when you are in the middle of the project. The beginning is hard, cause you are establishing the routine, the new pattern, the end is hard, cause you have all the finish work, and the horrible time, when you do not have a project to knit.

    Socks are hard to knit, I have tried both the 4 double points needles, and find 5 needles do make it better. Don’t bother with the cable needles, they are hard to use. Socks are for an experienced knitter. You might try baby blankets as a way to use your yarn, and gain the experience knitting that you need. It is also good to have visitiing knitting projects, where your fingers can knit without your head, good for meetings. And thinking knitting projects, for the first cup of coffee in the morning knitting.

    Knitting is not about being fast, fun and quick. It is about something to do with your hands that soothes your heart. That you need most days, and do not want to be done.

    Love you Monica


  2. vesselsandjourneys
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 21:34:03

    you know, i get the part you said about ‘something to do with your hands that soothes your heart’… there have been days at work, when i have listened to kids tell me things that i cannot fix, when bad things happen…that i have wanted nothing more than to sit down and knit– even tho’ I am not that good at it yet– it feels like something productive…something pretty, and the yarn feels good in my hands.

    i think your idea about blankets or something that is more repetitive where i don’t need my brain as much…maybe i will try that.

    Beginnings and endings…with knitting projects, with people, with vacations, with transitions…yes, the beginning and the ending- those are the hardest parts…

    such a wise woman. i miss you being in my space, where we can share observations about life on a daily basis.

    love you.


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