i feel…i believe…i know…i don’t know…

sometimes there are things that happen – out of our control – yet they happen.  And regardless of how miniscule the event looks to the outside world, something pivots in our personal universe, like tumblers sliding into place in a million dollar safe…you can almost feel the ground physically shift under your feet.

i had one of these yesterday…huge to me.

And today i find myself making a list of what i believe…sorting my spiritual beliefs into bushel baskets- this is in, that one is out…that one i am still unsure about.

What I believe.

  • I believe that there is a higher power, a spiritual force that is in charge of everything or at least conscious of everything on a spiritual level.
  • I believe that there is a life after death of some type- I believe this has to be for something, some purpose…
  • I believe that all humans and animals have souls- and that we recognize one another sometimes on a soul level, even if not on a conscious level.
  • I believe that souls can have multiple lives or body experiences- i don’t know that all do, but I feel that past lives, memories that don’t appear to be mine, and soul recognition are real things and the the life force that makes me alive stores information from other experiences before it came to reside in my body.
  • I believe that what you do can benefit you or harm you, directly but also in terms of what comes back to you.  Call it karma, but if you do good, I believe good will come to you.  What goes around comes around.
  • I believe if you look for the deeper meaning in things, in life, you will find it- and if you are shallow and look only for monetary gain and pleasure, you are missing out and will be disappointed in your life.
  • I believe in ‘positive energy’ and ‘negative energy’… i think that people share their energy with people and objects around them and that energy can negatively or positively affect circumstances.
  • I believe that if one looks, you can see this energy around someone- some call this an aura.  I just know that when someone is hiding something, is shifty and bad, I can feel it, or even see it in the space around that person- their space looks dirty, and it isn’t a physical hygiene thing, it has to do with their energy, I believe.
  • I believe that stress and worry can affect your physical health…that everything is connected, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I know there is more, and as I continue to sort this all out, i will add to this list…

and i know what i have is not much…

i know that some people have elaborate spiritual belief systems…i am not there.

I feel like I am in my ‘decluttering’ phase of my spiritual life…weird, huh?




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 19:03:59

    hmmmmm….. I believe that all people have both good and evil within them, everyone has some wonderful traits, and some rotten ones. That perhaps this is heaven and hell.

    that one must be brave, and not look back…. to often, and that good is stronger than evil, in the long run,

    I believe in the power of love, but that who you shine on, may not get the power, it often seems to ricochet off onto a person you are not very aware of. This has happened often to me with a poster child.

    I think other’s spirits, are as big to you as the time you have known them, and that is the sadness in a child’s death.

    I sometimes can see aura’s as in colors, but I try not to look.

    I am not sure that I believe in life after death, or perhaps it is only as long as they tell your stories.

    I do believe in God, and Pat I believe in you, and I miss you. Thank you for sharing these, cause it is almost like sitting in your office, and looking at you across your messy desk, playing with those word magnets.

    Love you much, Monica


  2. vesselsandjourneys
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 19:12:54

    my beautiful monica,
    i miss you too…my desk is still a mess and i have added new word magnets- just today 🙂
    love you so much.


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