kicked out of the Farmer’s Market…

never been much of a hell raiser…tried to stay out of the way of trouble most of my life.  Apparently my track record has been tarnished.

remember my earlier post about the Farmer’s Market, how much i loved the atmosphere, the people, the low pressure to sell…just sitting in the sun, and enjoying the residents of Custer?

well, while i was visiting my sister, the Custer Farmer’s Market was ‘taken over’ by the city and moved to Way Park by the courthouse.  And new ordinances were drafted making it only open to ‘agricultural product’…and pottery is not agricultural..

So after setting up my table, putting out my product in our new location, unloading my car and unfolding my chair, I was asked to leave…and so I re-packed my pottery in boxes and baskets, folded up my table drapes, and with help of my friend Sarah and her daughter Megs, carted everything back to my car…feeling like the kid that didn’t get picked for a team on “I Send” cuz i can’t run fast enough… sad to leave my new friends, and the open air market atmosphere…no longer belonging…

sad today…

i am trying to find the lesson in this, trying to pull some inspiring message from the bottom of all of this…but i am just sad.



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  1. Sharon Kurtz
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 11:50:29

    Hi Pat,
    I stopped down at the market today, and was visiting with a friend who has a booth there. I can’t understand the short-sightedness of our city council. Why can’t they see that more vendors would mean more visitors and would be better for the city? And with clay being a natural product, why couldn’t they have written their new rules to include pottery? I would have loved to see your pots there. If it’s any consolation, your fellow vendors are still quite upset about the new ruling, especially the lady with the home-spun yarn. She does beautiful work–I wish I could afford it! I bought some pickles from my friend and came home. So sorry I didn’t see you there.
    Sharon Kurtz


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