…feeling summer

I love heat…when the summer sun warms you through.  Fantasizing about these kind of days is what gets me through the gray winter months.  Why? Why do i live in a place that can be winter 9 months out of the year, just for these few precious months of sunshine?  At our altitude we can have snow as early as September and as late at May or even June.  I guess cuz its pretty here, and i like the cool summer nights, and the fact that there are no bugs…in the middle of December, i am not sure those things are a good trade-off for the short summers.

But the sun was shining yesterday and i made pots!  The woman at the fiber store in Rapid City said she would put some in her store, so I threw mugs and yarn bowls yesterday.  Felt so good to make!  I also washed a sheep wool fleece in my bathtub- three washes in Dreft and a rinse.  I will lay it out to dry in the sun today…and then contemplate what colors to dye it…hmmm…

Summer is high creative energy time for me.  I think it is because I have a break from work and a few months stretching out before me…it feels like anything is possible! Feels like I could:

  • write a book…not just any book, Vessels and Journeys 🙂
  • make enough pots to sell the rest of the year
  • functionalize my big kiln- finish door bricks, ITC it, purchase enough shelves/posts
  • optimize my Etsy site, follow all of those suggestions in the book i bought
  • spin tons of brilliantly colored yarn that rivals Girl with a Sword’s beautiful miles of wool
  • build a labyrinth in my yard with resting places, a fountain and benches
  • finish making the hammock i started 2 years ago and hang it, so i could rest when i am done with everything!

Our creative rhythms are certainly influenced by the seasons or the weather at the very least, i would think.  When is your creative energy the highest?

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  1. Monica
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 12:41:15

    I think it is the ying and yang, without the dark winter months, the slow quiet time, there would be no high with the sunshine. If it was always summer, always sunny, there would not be near the joy there is for us in the perfect sunny day.

    What I like is the change, it is the change that invigorates me, too many hot, dry sunny days become old and dull, and a soft grey, rainy day will lift me spirits like a drink of water. However, too many grey days, and then the sun is like gold.


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