it can be done… :)

Well, yesterday i told you i was creatively stuck, that I couldn’t move past what to put in those darn blue bottles!

So i did it! I actually sat down and wrote something called Kindred Spirits, and I handwrote it on this great paper, and rolled it up, wrapped it in gold string, and slipped it into that bottle.  I put the cork in, and sealed it with wax.  It is done.  I completed a bottle!  Lightning didn’t strike, the world didn’t end, and no one pointed me out in a crowd as being inept…its OK…its OK to try something we aren’t excellent at.

I think it came back to uncertainty.  I knew i could decorate the bottles, but i didn’t feel confident of my writing abilities.  I tend to stick to what I know i can do, what I know i am good at.  Venturing into areas of uncertainty where i don’t feel comfortable or competent is unsettling…but really, how do we learn anything, if we just stick to what we know?

So give it a try…one of those projects that you have set aside, discarded as being

  • too hard,
  • out of your league
  • not your “cup of tea”
  • something your sister is better at

Try it…you have nothing to lose…i am here to tell you, the world doesn’t end. 🙂

here is a link to the finished product in my etsy shop 🙂

Message in a bottle

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