rainy day feelings

i’m feeling nostalgic today…that type of rainy day where i have the fog of creativity running thru my brain.  i want to find treasure…

do you remember brown paper grocery sacks, the big ones?  when i was little, my mom used to cut up one side of the brown bag and spread it all out on the table for me, give me crayons and let me go…i created stories, and inventions, dinosaurs and stars on miles of brown paper. They don’t pack groceries in brown paper anymore…they use those plastic bags now…sigh.

as an adult, brown paper is one of my favorite surfaces to work on- it is earthy, has some tooth to it, and comes in rolls…it doesn’t cost $5 per sheet like some of the spiffy mulberry paper, you can crumple it, tear it, paint it, glue to it, construct out of it, collage it, glitter it, and always color it.

think i will go get some brown paper out…i feel the need to make a story book…

what creative experiences did you have as a child, good and bad?  How have they shown themselves in your life today?

much love,


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