birthdays are supposed to be full of surprises…right?

i just saw a comment on Facebook from a former student saying how she missed being a kid, when her birthday was all about her, the whole DAY was all about her.  Its like that when we grow up.  The rest of the world doesn’t know its your birthday (or they do, thanks to Facebook…) and it is a regular day.  That bothered me when I was first on my own.  A card would come in the mail from my mom, but that was all….there was no parade, no friends waiting around each corner to burst into the birthday chorus.  Then I had my girls, and the handmade cards and gifts on my birthday, which were amazing and precious and from such a special place in a child’s heart.  But secretly, inside, I still wanted more for my birthday.  I wanted big gifts and someone shouting, “its her birthday!!!” while i blushed with embarrassment.  My husband isn’t a ‘gift giver’…wonderful man, but not a gifter.  So if i wanted something special on my special day, then i had to go buy it, wrap it up and open it on my birthday.  I wanted someone to surprise me still… so every birthday left me feeling a bit let down…not cuz of age, i really didn’t care about the age-thing.  I just wanted more of a celebration, more about me.

but this last week, when i had my birthday, it was fine- and it was a day about me…but because i decided that, not because i was waiting for anyone else to celebrate it or throw me a surprise party or give me a BMW. I got greetings, a card from my mom, stuff from my kids, a student put a birthday sign on my door, and i bought myself some special fiber to spin…and i felt spoiled.

I was feeling let down before because i was depending on others to make the day special, but i myself had not wrapped the day up with a bow.

i think i have grown up a bit…

“if its to be, its up to me…”

that is all.

have a brilliant day!


ps. don’t ask me what this has to do with creativity…i just needed to put this into words.


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  1. Tammy Williams
    May 16, 2011 @ 20:56:51

    Love your thoughts about your special day…so very true! Thank you for sharing your creative thoughts! I think what you are doing with your blog is wonderful and a great way to express your creativeness!


    Mar 18, 2012 @ 22:54:00

    I genuinely enjoy studying on this web site, it has got excellent blog posts.


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