on the edge of knowing…

my grand daughter is talking…2 and 3 word sentences and it is miraculous to listen to her.  But sometimes she says a word that i don’t understand, and she says it over and over and over…sometimes jumping up and down to make her point…and i feel so dense when i don’t get it.  I feel like I should know what she is saying, i can almost make it out…i have heard this phrase before, i am sure…This morning it was “ego, ego, ego, ego…ego!! sek ego…sek, sek, sek…ego, ego…”  This is accompanied by looking at me with expectation and repeating herself…until the expectation becomes less, and she starts to decide i might never get it…

i feel like that creatively sometimes too,

that my creative voice is saying something in the corner of my mind – that i am on the edge of knowing what it is, but i can’t get it…if i can just listen a little harder to what my creative voice is saying, it will unlock a beautiful project, piece of work, or maybe a whole new way of viewing what i do…and it is there over and over…and i don’t know what it means.

with Journi, if I can have the foresight to ask her to ‘show me what you are saying’, sometimes that will jog my brain and I will get it.  This morning, when i asked her to show me, she pointed at my computer and said “tweet, tweet, tweet…sek ego!”  AH HA! Check on the eagles! If you are not familiar, there is an “eagle cam” focused on an eagle nest in Decorah, IA and together we check the baby eagles each day to see how they are growing up. Google it, if you like! 🙂

asking my creative voice to “show me what you are saying” can be a way to ‘hear’ that voice more clearly.  Give your creative voice a pencil and paper, a sketchbook, an instrument, a journal, a paintbrush…something to show you what they are saying!  And stick with it long enough to hear- don’t say, “what did you say??” and turn away…actually ask and then listen to the answer.

when you are on the edge of knowing…sometimes you have to wait a bit for the answer…

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