breathing in the present

Going down the slide

Going down the slide

Sometimes I am so caught up in the future,

  • What about tomorrow?
  • how much money do i have left this month?
  • what if i lose my job?
  • maybe (fill in the blank) will happen and…

that i miss out on this moment…this one right now…i miss listening to Journi snore in the early morning, while I am still sitting in the dark, waiting to become verbal…i miss out on the fact that I might have just as well poured my coffee grounds right into the coffee pot this morning…i miss seeing the steam that seems to hang in the air  as the sun comes up.

Stop right now, stop reading right now for just a moment, and breathe in the present…what do you hear, see, smell, and feel?

Those future worries? for me, those are what anxiety is made of.  Being in the present moment, enjoying this very second can sustain me til the next second…

There is time enough to consider the future and its needs, in the light of day, when I am verbal and able to reason those things out and do the math.  For now, enjoying the present moment is enough.

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