taking the leap…

standing on a cliff

time to step out there...

The idea of writing a blog has appealed to me for some time…but you know, every time I would think seriously, i would think…

  • “well…there are so many things i could write about, it would be a mess…various topics, hither and yon”
  • “I’ll work on that tomorrow”
  • “I wouldn’t want to write something that wasn’t well done…” and so I would research ‘how to write a successful blog’ til i got sleepy

But here we are.  I have been following a WordPress tutorial on setting this up (not difficult, by the way) and this was the part where they said, “OK time to publish your first post.”

So here is the meat- here is what you will come back to read…

I am writing about the creative spirit,

  • how to find yours,
  • how to care for it, feed and water it,
  • take it for walks, and
  • let it show you what you are made of, deep in your soul.

Today, take a look at the picture i have cleverly inserted (haha, yeah, learned that on that tutorial 🙂

I have just one question for you today.

What one thing would you do today, if you knew there was no chance of failure?

(and you can’t do as my students do and say, “buy a lottery ticket”)

I look forward to reading your comments!

this is going to be fun, thanks for coming along!

much love,


if I could not fail, i would…

it occurred to me, after i asked you all to bare your souls and tell me what you would attempt if you couldn’t fail, that I had not volunteered anything.  And then I thought, “well…should give them a chance to say their own thing…”

But i will tell you mine, if you tell me yours.

I would start some type of a … thing… where I would teach women how to be confident, creative and strong… i would teach how to listen to your heart, how to learn and accept your past mistakes, i would build up and encourage women to pass on their strength and wisdom to their children- both biological and spiritual…i would teach, write, have retreats, and make art…

but that’s just me.

what about you?

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